What is the TRI Report? 

The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) tracks the management of select toxic chemicals that could be a threat to human health or the environment. In 1986, in response to several chemical release events such as Bhopal, India, Congress passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, otherwise known as EPCRA. Section 313 of EPCRA established the Toxics Release Inventory. The report provides information from specific industry sectors on the amount of chemical released to the environment. The TRI report is also commonly referred to as the Section 313 Report or Form R Report. 

Who Must Report?

TRI reporting only applies to facilities that meet ALL THREE of the following criteria: 

NOTE: Federal facilities must report regardless of industry sector if they meet the other two criteria. 

What Has to be Submitted in the TRI Report? 

Facilities that meet all the reporting criteria must submit a TRI Form R for each TRI-listed chemical it manufactures, processes or otherwise uses in quantities above the reporting threshold. EPA has developed a TRI Threshold Screening Tool which provides step-by-step guidance to help determine if a facility meets the reporting criteria and exceeds the reporting thresholds. 

*Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) chemicals have varied reporting threshold levels: PBT Reporting Thresholds. 

The TRI Report includes data on how chemicals are being managed through:

When is the TRI Report Due? 

TRI Reports for 2018 reporting year are due on July 1, 2019The EPA requires electronic submission of TRI reporting forms using thTRI-MEweb software. This software guides facilities through the steps to complete, review and submit their TRI reporting forms. The overall TRI data cycle outlines when TRI reports are due as well as when annual datasets are available.  

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